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The 7 most common mistakes

We would like to urge all AvioSim CEOs to activate Flight- and Maintenance Monitoring in the Monitoring menu. Although this action will not prevent errors, it will help you immensely with the analysis of past and the prevention of future mishaps. Additionally, AvioSim Gold-Club members have the Image Tracking tool to their disposal.

Here is a short list of the most common stumbling blocks for newcomers. Take two minutes, it might save you a lot of hardship:

Selecting the wrong hub

Your first major mistake could occur even before you really get started playing AvioSim. Please make sure that sufficient resources are available at your desired hub. The available space, numbers of passengers and cargo, curfew, weight restrictions and noise limits can easily affect the smooth operation of your airline.

Plane selection

Always make sure before buying or leasing a plane that it meets the requirements of the intended route and airports. Otherwise, passenger numbers and/or cargo will be reduced because the runway is too short or clearance to land will be denied because of noise or weight restrictions.

The two hour flight/maintenance setup limit

Please be aware that a flight will be conducted only if all parameters are set correctly without change of the flight options within the flight setup limit (two hours before take-off). Otherwise check-in can not be performed resulting in cancellation of such flights. The same goes for maintenance.

Aircraft position not matching with take-off airport

A plane can only take-off from the airport where it is located. It is as simple as that. Or should be…

Insufficient staff at airport

Changes to your flight schedules could result in changes to your required ground personnel. So always check whether the affected airports have enough staff assigned.

Airline logo

Before you upload an airline logo please check (and then check again) the exact specifications:

  • width: exact 120 pixels
  • height: exact 23 pixels
  • size: max. 10 kb
  • format: jpg, gif or png

Charter contract

Special attention is required when placing an offer at the Charter Exchange. This is a reverse auction, meaning that you should seek to place the highest possible offer. A bid of US$ 1,00 only offers the prospect of winning US$ 1,00 after successfully fulfilling the charter contract.

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