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AvioSim - the ultimative airline simulation

Bring yourselves into the role of an airline manager and grow up to a global reaching carrier. Connect destinations in all parts of the world and spoil your passengers with best service that's possible in the sky.

Buy and/or lease your aircrafts from a large selection of different manufacturers. Carry cargo if you think the cargo business a business for you. The fight for the passengers of this world is hard and therefore your talent as a manager is in demand.

Specify the ticket prices with consideration, your airline is only liked, as your price - achievement relationship, is fair. Observe your competitors exactly, because the sky is boundlessly but for your position in this business you have to battle.

Up to 1.000 competitors trying to catch every single passenger and your staff works only as effectively as you manage it. Additionally, incidents make the ascent for top position more difficult and the airport operators pay very close attention to the assigned aircrafts you are using. To ensure your passengers safety you should always respect that your aircrafts are in an optimum condition, otherwise your aircrafts will get grounded and you are losing your reputation.

With your PR department you can make your airline well known far beyond regional borders. This provides better extent of aircraft utilization and satisfied passengers.

New players should have a look at the first steps before getting stuck. The first steps will guide you from the establishment of your home base to your first scheduled flight. Also have a look at the Common mistakes page. This will give you some hints on avoiding some of them!

Come on board and become a top manager at AvioSim. The runway is cleared and you have the start permission - ready for take off!

What's NEW?

For all AvioSim v1.86 veterans there is here an overview of what's new in AvioSim v2.

Patches/Releases: Releases


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