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  • Error Reporting: In case of a problem, please use the “Error-Report” function and not the forum. It is located on the top left side of your screen right next to the "Wiki" link.
  • Currency: By selecting a HUB you also select the HUB-land’s currency (if available) as your in-game currency. The exchange rate to the US$ is updated once a day.
  • Tax: Every country has its specific corporate tax rate. Every Tuesday, the profit of the previous week will be taxed.
  • Costs for the company, PR and staff are depending on the HDI-figure of the country.
  • Personnel: Each employee is personalized and has certain qualifications.

For pilots and maintenance technicians, make sure that they hold the license for the aircraft on which they are to serve.

Flight attendants, purser and checkin-employees should be able to speak the language that is used at the airport or on the route that they are in charge of (eg check-in employees at LHR -> English, route LHR-MUC -> English and/or German). It is advisable to pay attention to this, as otherwise it would possibly cause delays as well as dissatisfaction amongst customers and staff.

Furthermore, it is advantageous to have some employees in reserve, as staff can become ill or quit their job.

We now have a worldwide pool of employees, so it can happen that the employee with your desired qualifications is not always available.

  • Check-in: The recommended number of check-in employees must no longer be met. However, with a smaller-then-recommended number of employees delays will occur and with less than 50% of the recommended number the flight(s) will still be cancelled.
  • Maintenance is no longer scheduled, but will happen automatically during turnaround and the gaps between flights. Provided, of course, that your own personnel with the proper license is available at the airport. Alternatively you can engage external maintenance provided by the local airport staff, which will be billed to your account.

OLD (v1.86): 100 min. of flight = -1% condition

NEW (v2): 180 min. of flight = -1% condition

OLD (v1.86): 20 min. of maintenance = +1% condition

NEW (v2): 45 min. of maintenance = +1% condition

  • Line-Checker: This type of personnel no longer exists. Their duties will be performed by your maintenance technicians. If you do not have your own maintenance technicians at an airport, the airport’s personnel will do the line-checking for you and bill your airline in case of urgent repairs ("incidents").
  • Flight Planning: Newly scheduled flights will remain empty on the day of their dispatching as well as the following day. Example: If you schedule a daily flight from LHR-MUC on Monday your first passengers will fly on Wednesday. The same logic applies to cargo flights.
  • Game-Levels have been deleted - no more levels, no more limits.
  • Leasing: Only the four AvioSim Trade Groups can act as lessors. The lessor can terminate leasing contracts if AC checks are overdue.
  • Delays can occur for example if the check-in capacity of an airport reached its peek, or if you have insufficient check-in staff, etc. On the other hand, check-in personnel that speaks the language of the country they work in have a positive effect, etc.
  • Airports: More then 100 new airports have been added to the game. All airports are now classified as domestic or international airports and, accordingly, can only be served that way.
  • Cabin setup is not needed for transfer flights, maintenance and AC-checks
  • Board Service has been revised
  • PR and image system have been reviewed.

The IMAGE as we used to know it from v1.86 is no longer existing. You CAN NOT buy IMAGE with all that advertising. What you buy with all those various ads, commercials and participations at travel exhibitions (and by the way, there is still more to come here – you will like it!) is now called AWARENESS. Put your airline into the spotlight, the centre of the public attention. Be visible. Make the customers AWARE that your airline exists. AWARENESS - providing a good part of your utilisation and load. But certainly not all of it.

Because there is this other thing: The dreaded word-of-mouth, the feedback from your customers who already flew with your airline and now make up their minds (and influence others) about the quality of your on board service, cabin setup, accuracy, friendliness, competence, and so on, and so on. The price-performance ratio. The value for money. That’s what sticks with them. That is your reputation. And that is what we now call the IMAGE in v.2.

  • ATC fees have been revised
  • Ticket Prices are freely selectable
  • Building rents are depending on the size of the airport and on the number of airlines that service the airport.
  • Balance: It is now allowed to have a negative balance on your bank account during the daytime. However, each night at 22:00 HUB-time the balance has to be positive to avoid bankruptcy.
  • Cargo flights: landing fees for cargo flight are cheaper than for pax flights. Additional amenities occur from 00:00 to 06:00 o’clock.
  • Credits: special features can be accessed by the use of credits. Credits can be purchased in various packages. Gold Club members receive some free credits.
  • Transit passengers will be taken into account.
  • Fuel consumption is measured in kilograms and is dependent on the engine type of the aircraft
  • Aircraft market: the waiting time at the second hand aircraft market is now set to 5 hours for everybody. It can be reduced by inserting some credits.
  • Session Timeout: after 60 minutes of inactivity your AvioSim session will time-out and you will have to log in again.
  • Credit rating has been corrected. Leasing is possible only with a positive credit rating.
  • Portuguese is now the third language of AvioSim.
  • 'Incidents' are dependent on the age and condition of the ACs.
  • 'Real name of CEO' can be provided in Account if you wish to do so.
  • 'Company slogan' will be displayd along with your 'Advertisement on AvioSim Airport' and displayed in AirlineWiki
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